1 de cada 5 teléfonos tendrán Mobile Wallet en 2018

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An innovative platform for issuance and processing, with an open API and real-time functionality, able to connect to the main international card networks and implement ecosystems of stored value-closed accounts with lower infrastructure costs. In PaynoPain we invest great effort in being at the forefront of innovation, as well as in a state of constant investigation of new technological trends that provide simple and accessible solutions to the daily problems of society, that is why we are proud to share with you this great agreement. The new consumer sees in the use of mobile the speed, ease and accessibility that traditional means of payment do not provide. There are not a few brands that have already understood that this trend is on rise and represents an important business opportunity. Many companies have seen in the wallet system a channel to acquire and retain customers, and in PaynoPain, as experts in the sector, we can affirm that these are just some of the multiple advantages that this system offers and will offer. It should be noted that TAS Group manages more than million international cards, is present in 7 countries and is the largest payment operator in Europe. But the previous numbers are not coincidence, in this sense, TAS Group is also the leading Italian company in card management systems, access to payment networks and management of stock market orders. Therefore, two of the leading companies in the Fintech sector in Spain and Italy, respectively, have decided to join forces to start developing a joint project to facilitate and streamline payment processes by applying the most advanced technology and methods to them.

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Creado el 07 Jul. The figures address for themselves. This upward trend is expected to continue in the advent years, hand in hand with the limitation of cash and the consolidation of smartphones as the main agency of payment. Alternative to cash after that cards Mobile payments have become individual of the substitutes for bank cards and cash. However, the latter are expected to become the main agency of payment in In addition, after it comes to payments in animal merchants, mobile payment is beginning en route for take on an important position.


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